Café Hublot

  • Address → 4457 Beaubien
  • Friendly Greeting →  🙂 🙂
  • Vegan Friendly → Yes
  • Food → All homemade (cookies, cakes, brownies) except croissants and chocolatines.
  • WiFi → Yes
  • Layout:
    • Seating: Four tables in front with a window bar. In the back of the café, there’s a big table and a children’s section with books.
    • Plugs: Limited – for a couple of tables only
  • Price → $

In Rosemont East and need to get work done? Visit Café Hublot!

You can sit at the stools by the window, one of the 4 tables in front or resort to the back of the room where there is room around a big round table for 4 or more. Have little kids? no problem! Children are welcome in this café; there is a children’s section at the back with a table, chairs and books to keep occupied.

I was impressed with their long selection of sweet and salty menu. They are mostly homemade with fresh local ingredients according to the season. Their coffee is from Kittel, a Montreal compan. You can also take some home with you, they sell the brand’s coffee as well. The best thing is: you can visit multiple times throughout the month, and the deserts will change depending when you go!

This café is even decorated in unique art from Ulysse photo.

What we tried:


I had their maple latte… heaven in a cup!!! It wasn’t too sweet… there was the right hint of maple flavour in my cup. I don’t put sugar in my coffee so this added the right amount of sweetness. If you love maple as much as I do, then I suggest you try it! I paired it with (an equally amazing) homemade blueberry/white chocolate cookie! It was delicious!


I used my Indie Coffee Passport at Hublot. There were a few options, but I opted for a traditional cappuccino. It was good, smooth. I paired it with a red velvet brownie and, let me tell you, it was amazing! I wanted to try it ’cause it was just staring at me & temptation took over. It wasn’t too sweet, which I really appreciated.

This was the perfect visit; quiet environment with a good coffee and treats to nibble on. We love a place where we can talk as well as get lots of work completed.

AND on top of all this, if you’re a student you can get a discount!

~Vibing out~